Jumal is a full environment to learn standard Arabic.






Witness the events of each sentence and learn standard Arabic language intensively,

then deeply and rapidly with JUMAL the intensive illustrated sentences method. 




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Language Properties

There is no doubt that each language is different from the others, in sounds, grammar, or both of them.

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Natural language is a learnable communication system, one of the main reasons is the everyday...

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Why sentences?

The answer is long and can vary, but what belongs to language learning context is: "because at the sentence...

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Diacritic Marks

Short vowels plays a crucial rule in standard Arabic, as making the distinction between object and...

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Seasons are close sublevels, each one lead to the other. Each season has a different design and illustration...

First property

Image 01Irregularity in Arabic: How to defeat it?

Arabic language is more poetically musical than many languages, and that made it rather more irregular. Among the aspects of this irregularity that we can find two plural forms of the same word with the same meaning.

Second property

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Knock at the right door.

Between any pair of languages there is a green area where we can go with a literal translation, and a red area where we have to consider the target language laws and constraints such as collocations.